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I was a graduate teaching assistant for several years through both my masters and doctoral education, worked as an instructor at Hendrix College, and now am teaching at Northern State University. Throughout these several years, I’ve had the opportunity to teach a variety of courses within the discipline.

In addition to my syllabi (all in PDF format from the semester I most recently taught that particular course), I’ve also uploading the writing guide I hand out every semester and ask my students to read. Most don’t, of course, and it shows in the writing. I still give primarily written assignments and just due to the sheer practice they get out of the classes, many of them really improve their writing over the 15 weeks. Even better, many students actually notice their writing is improved!

Northern State University
Sociology 100: Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 483: Sociology of Gender Roles
Sociology 492: Popular Culture and Society

Hendrix College
Sociology 110: Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 255: Gender in Film and Television
Sociology 270: Race and Ethnicity

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Sociology 108: Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 215: Race/Ethnic Relations in the United States
Sociology 223: Women and Men in Society
Sociology 302: Social Problems
Sociology 306i: Popular Culture in Sociology
Sociology 321: Society and the Individual
Sociology 350: Sociology of Leisure

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